Murray’s “The Stoic Philosophy”

Gilbert Murray was an early 20th century scholar and leader in the humanist movement. In this speech, he outlines the basic elements of Stoicism. While old enough that it is out of copyright, it still gives an excellent account of the basics of the philosophy, not only describing the essential doctrines, but (more importantly) the … Continue reading Murray’s “The Stoic Philosophy”

Introduction to Somerville’s “The Connexion of the Physical Sciences”

Mary Somerville was a 19th century scientist, best known in modern times as the person for whom the English word "scientist" was coined. In this excerpt from the introduction to a general science textbook, she argues for the value of such studies. From Mary Somerville, The Connexion of the Physical Sciences, (London: John Murray, 1849), … Continue reading Introduction to Somerville’s “The Connexion of the Physical Sciences”

What is “Modern Stoicism”?

The Modern Stoicism blog recently posted a “symposium” discussing what is meant by "Modern Stoicism." The introduction begins by pointing out that the question is both very common, and difficult to answer, an assessment with which I wholeheartedly agree.Most attempts to answer the question consist of formulating a set of philosophical doctrines. Both Lawrence Becker … Continue reading What is “Modern Stoicism”?