This blog is a part of my personal commonplace, a repository for public domain works I have transcribed, and a place to save longer comments and other contributions I have made on social media platforms. It does include longer passages than would be expected in a commonplace, and even whole essays.

Inclusion of a passage or essay here does not imply either endorsement or agreement, only that I may wish to refer to it again.

I am making some of my commonplace public in the hope that others will find it useful, just as I have found useful collections of fragments of others. It is, however, intended primarily as a personal reference and tool for my own inspiration and education, so…

From Roger L’Estrange, Seneca’s Morals, (Philadelphia: Grigg & Elliot, 1834), p. 347:

Books and dishes have this common fate; there was never any one of either of them that pleased all palates. And, in truth, it is a thing as little to be wished for as expected; for an universal applause is at least two-thirds of a scandal. So that though I deliver up these papers to the press, I invite no man to the reading of them: and whosoever reads and repents, it is his own fault. To conclude: As I made this composition principally for myself so it agrees exceedingly well with my constitution; and yet, if any man has a mind to take part with me, he has free leave, and welcome. But let him carry this consideration along with him, that he is a very unmannerly guest, that presses upon another body’s table and then quarrels with his dinner.

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